Fergus Snoddy Morrison

This research is to provide all information known about said individual, to create a timeline of his life, so that additional researchers might help in the search for a living male descendant, and if found to have their DNA tested, to see if my theory about who his parents were is correct.

The first reference found is in the book “Ancestry.com. John Ruddell of the Shenandoah Valley [database on-line]. Provo, UT: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004.”Page 34

“Abraham Ruddell b. 8 Jan 1785, probably in Bourbon Co., d. 22 Nov 1855 ae. 70. Bureau of Land Warrant, hereafter Blwt #82050-160-1855, showed that Abraham d. 11-22-1853, in Independence Co., Arkansas. 1858 John Ruddell 65, and Fergus S Morrison, 69 say Abraham is dead. He served in the War of 1812 from Cape Girardeau Co., Missouri. John was a corporal and Fergus was a private in the same outfit, as was Samuel Hinckston”

Next we find Fergus S Morrison listed in the Index to Louisiana Soldiers During the War of 1812 as:

Morrison, Forgus S. Private-Capt. Ramsey’s Co., Mounted Riflemen, La. Militia,

Along with John Ruddell, Abraham Ruddell, and Samuel Hinckston, as well as a James Morrison as a 1st Lieutenant, all serving in Capt. (Andrew) Ramsey’s Co. of Mounted Riflemen in the Louisiana Militia. (James Morrison could be a brother or father to Fergus, more about James later)

US  Census Reconstructed Records 1660-1820-Ancestry.com

Name- Fergus Morrison
Locality- La & Mo Territory
Town- Lebanon Twp.
Between 1 Oct 1816 and 31 Mar 1817 he was made a Justice of the Peace for Lebanon Twp.

Note: Lawrence Co., Mo Territory became Lawrence Co., Ark in 1819, and Independence County was formed from Lawrence in 1820.

Fergus S Morrison purchases 10 Jul 1826 Independence County, Ark 80 acres

1830 US Federal Census Arkansas, Independence, Ruddell: Fergus Morrison, 1 male under 5, 2 males 10-14, 1 male 20-29, 1 male 40-49,  1 female 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 30-39

U. S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798- 1914,  for Fergus S. Morrison- 63 Morrison, Fergus S. 39, NC, Iredell, Farmer, Enlistment date: 30 Jul 1832, Batesville, Arkansas, by Capt. Bean for a period of 1 yr, discharged 30 Jul 1833, expiration of service at Ft. Gibson. (Oklahoma)

Roster of Bean’s Rangers-Ft. Gibson Oklahoma

The following list from the National Archives was made from the first muster rolls at Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.  Most of the men were enlisted by Jesse Bean from his own Batesville, Independence Co., Arkansas area.

Furgus S. Morrison 5th Sgt.

1830 US Census

Arkansas, Independence, Ruddell: Fergus Morrison, 1 male under 5, 2 males 10-14, 1 male 20-29, 1 male 40-49,  1 female 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 30-39

US General Land Office Records 1796-1907
(All purchases were in Independence Co., Ark)
80 acres – 10 Nov 1830
80 acres – 1 Nov 1834
80 acres – 5 Sep 1842

Journal of the Senate of the United States of America   Tuesday Feburary 13, 1838

Mr. Sevier presented documents relating to the claim of Fergus S. Morrison to be indemnified for a horse lost in the military service of the United States which was referred to the Comittee of Claims

Independence County Archives Military Records

Military Land Grants in Independence Co, Arkansas for soldiers of the Indian Wars:

Name: Morrison, Fergus S.
Regiment: Bean’s Company United States Rangers Black Hawk War
Granted to: Fergus S. Morrison

1840 US Census

Arkansas, Independence, Ruddell: Fergus S Morrison, 1 male under 5, 1 male 50-59, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 2 females 15-19

1850 US Census

Arkansas, Independence, Ruddell: 1003/1003: Morrison, Forgus 62, 700, NC, Narcissa 27, Ark, Rachel R. 23, Ark, Mary J. 17, Ark, Julia C. 15, Ark, James 13, Ark, Margaret B. 11, Ark, Barnett, James M. 15, Jeremiah 7, Ark\

1860 US Census

Arkansas, Independence, Gainsboro: 922/911: Morrison, F. S. 71 farmer, NC, Narcissia 36, Ark, Rachel 33, Ark, Mary J. 27, Ark, James 22, Ark,

—-Book – Reminiscences of Independence County, Pages 350 & 351 ;The bank of the state of Arkansas was the Plaintiff and an old citizen of the county named Fergus Morrison commonly called “Foggy Morrison” was the defendant. The jury failing to agree, John Simpson was of the number, not in good humor, his face red as a beet – He turned and addressed the judge : ” Jedge, there’s eleven d– contrary men on this jury; and ” Foggy Morrison” is an honest man.

So far no other records have been located for Fergus Snoddy Morrison past the 1860 Census

The 1870 US Census for Independence Co., Gainsboro Ark I found his daughter Narcissie Morrison age 49, living by herself.

So lets summarize what we know about this man so far.

Fergus Snoddy Morrison was born somewhere between 1787-1793 according to the various above mentioned records, in Iredell County, NC. He served in the war of 1812 from the Cape Girardeau Missouri area and was in the Louisiana Mounted Riflemen Militia. He was a Justice of the peace in Lebanon Twp., Lawrence Co., Missouri Territory between 1816-17. He purchased land in Independence Co., Ark in 1826, and was married by the 1830 Census with 4 sons and 2 daughters. The 2 daughters would have been Narcissis and Rachel. Fergus serves 1 yr as a 5th  Sgt. At Ft. Gibson Oklahoma during the Black Hawk War, and is granted land for his service. His wife evidently has died by the 1840 census. By the 1850 Census he names his five children, but only one son James age 13, which would mean he was born abt 1837, which probably is the male under 5 in the 1840 Census. So if we go back to the 1830 census Fergus states he has one male under the age of 5, which means he had one son born somewhere between 1825 and 1830. 2 males between 10-14, so they were born between 1816-1820, and one male between 20-29, so he would have been born between 1810-1819. So who and where are these sons? By the 1850 census they would have been of age and on their own or it is possible they all died.

So far I have been unsuccessful in identifying these older sons of Fergus Snoddy Morrison. I did find one candidate in the 1850 Independence Co., Ark Census. A Stubblefield Morrison born abt 1810 in Ky. And some researchers on Ancestry.Com has him listed as a child of Fergus S Morrison, which is possible, but it is more likely that this Stubblefield Morrison b. abt 1810 in KY is the son of a Hugh Morrison b. abt 1754 d. 1818 and married a Mary Stubblefield b. abt 1755 d. 1818. Hugh Morrison and family were living in Warren Co., Ky in 1810 (Census).

So, finally as to whom I think make a good candidate for parents of Fergus Snoddy Morrison.  There is a James Morrison born 30 Dec 1750 in Rowan County, NC. He marries 25 Oct 1772 in Rowan County, NC an Eleanor Snoddy born 15 Dec 1751 NC, a daughter of Samuel Snoddy & Elizabeth Sloan. This family of Samuel Snoddy is well documented, Samuel names his daughter Elenor Morrison in his will along as makes his son-in-law James Morrison one of his Executors of his will. There is also the marriage bond of James Morrison to Eleanor Snoddy dated 25 Oct 1772 Rowan Co., NC (Original at the NC State Archives).
In 1798 James Morrison and Samuel Snoddy Jr. had order of the court for leave to keep a ferry over the Cumberland River, in 1810 he sold his land and departed.
September 1804- Thomas Ballew “assigned” to James Morrison and John Wilson his rights to a tract of 250 acres “in Cape Girardeau District, Upper Louisiana on the Waters of Hubbles Creek in Cape Girardeau Settlement.” (Cape Girardeau County Deed Book A & B, p. 103). In 1806 James Morroson (Sic) of the District of Cape Girardeau” bought from Thomas Ballew another 16 acres “South of Morroson’s improvement.”

Cape Girardeau is a turn on the west bank of the Mississippi River. A port and small settlement developed there when the Louisiana Purchase opened to American migration to the west of that river. In 1812, it was included in the Missouri Territory. In August 1823, following the Missouri Compromise” of tragic consequences, the State of Missouri was formed, including Cape Girardeau County.

The Following was obtained from “History-Southest Missouri” Embracing An Historical Account of the counties of Ste. Genevieve, St. Francois, Cape Girardeau, …….. Published Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1888.Pg. 489.

“One of the first companies recruited south of the Missouri River was raised in Cape Girardeau District, by Andrew Ramsey, Jr., in the spring of 1813. The officiers were Andrew Ramsey, captain; James Morrison, first Lieutenant; Peter Craig, second lieutenent, Drakeford Gray, third lieutenant; William Ramsey, Ensign; (among others, JWM, this has to be the same company I made mention of earlier, being that of the Capt. Ramsey’s Louisiana Mounted Riflemen Militia.)

Oct 12, 1816 – No other evidence of the death of Eleanor has been found, but a notice in the Missouri Gazette of October 12, 1816, gave a clue to her husband’s death, “Died, James Morrison of Cape Girardeau County. Samuel Morrison Administrator.” No will was recorded.

So James & Eleanor (Snoddy) Morrison were living in Cape Girardeau Missouri Territory the same time as we find Fergus Snoddy Morrison.

One additional note is that Eleanor (Snoddy) Morrison had a Uncle, a Fergus Snoddy b. 16 Oct 1759, Rowan Co., NC and died in 1785 in Charleston, SC. He never married.

It seems plausible that Eleanor (Snoddy) Morrison might name a child born shortly after the death of a childless Uncle in remembrance. Hence it seems like after compiling the above information. It seems to me a strong possibility that Fergus Snoddy Morrison may be the son of James & Eleanor (Snoddy) Morrison, what do you think?

About James W Morrison

I descend from the line of Immigrant Brother Andrew Morrison (1718-1770). I live in a small town in central Illinois. A simple question I posed to my father in 1981; “who were you named after?” “And his response was I don’t know, my parents never talked about family”, has led me on a 30+ year journey down a very long path to not only discovering who my ancestors were but has also has given meaning to who I am as a person. Although I descend from Brother Andrew, I work on all four brother lines; will gladly help anyone trying to discover their ancestors. My second passion is painting in oils.
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  1. Thanks Jim – sounds reasonable to me.

  2. T Y Thomas says:

    Coit Morrison, have you found out anything new about Fergus Snoddy Morrison family? Is he a relative of yours?

    Fergus Snoddy ” Foggy ” Morrison married Narcissis b. 1793
    My 4th great grandfather
    Birth abt 1788 in Iredell County, North Carolina, USA
    Death in Ruddel Township, Independence County, Arkansas, USA

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