FAQ – What can I do to take part in our Morrison-Q endeavor?

There are plenty of ways for you to help with the research, support and promotion of Morrison-Q.  We are attempting to identify and make contact with as many branches of our family as possible – to participate in our Q-Males DNA Project and to document our large and ever growing family tree.  A few examples of how you can be involved are listed below:

  • First, are you a member? – It’s free and easy to join.  How to join.
  • Morrison-Q Business Cards – Print and keep a supply Morrison-Q business cards with you.  Anytime you meet a Morrison who is a part, or thinks they are a part of our family – give them a card, encouraging them to visit and join our WEB Site and Discussion Group.  A downloadable file of the business cards can be found on our promotional page.
  • Morrison-Q Tri-Fold Brochure – Print a supply of our Morrison-Q tri-fold brochures.  Think of locations where it would be beneficial to leave some brochures.  A downloadable file of the tri-fold can be found on our promotional page.  Any of the following venues would be a great place to leave some, making it possible for searching family members to find us.
    • Your local county library.  Ask if they have a place where you could leave some of the brochures – they may have a Morrison file in their genealogical reference section.
    • Your local historical society.
    • Your local genealogical society.
    • The Clan Morrison Tent at your local Highland Games.  You could keep the tent convener stocked with a supply.
    • Think of some other creative places…
  • Newspaper Ad – If there is a concentration of Morrison families in your area, you might consider placing a small ad in your local newspaper.  It could say something like – “Are you part of our Morrison family?  –  Visit Morrion-Q.com”.
  • Scottish Highland Games – Do any annual Scottish Games or Festivals convene in your area?  Is Clan Morrison represented?  If so, ensure the convener is aware of our tri-fold brochure, and has a sufficient supply.  If not, consider hosting a Clan Morrison tent.  This is a great way to find Morrisons who connect to our family.  Let us know if you are interested and we will inform you how to become a clan convener as well as help you to get started.
  • Family Tree – Compile and submit a tree of your branch of the family.  This should be firsthand information and not obtained from the internet – such as Grandfather and all his descendants and spouses of descendants.  This information would be used to confirm or expand areas of our Morrison-Q database.  We have plans of eventually publishing a Morrison-Q Book.  It would be helpful if the information was in a GEDCOM or Family Tree Maker file format.  Basic information should include the following:
    • Name
    • Birth – Date and place
    • Death – Date, place, and burial
    • Spouse
    • Marriage – Date and place
    • Children
  • Y-DNA Testing – We are always seeking to find and recruit people to test for our Y-DNA Project.  The goal of our Q-Males Project is to identify and locate at least one male Morrison descendant for each of the 107 forth generation male lines.  It is our hope, as we get nearer to completing this goal, we will have a clearer picture of our genetic tree, thus helping future Morrisons to find where they fit into our family.
  • Donations – Funds to support our WEB site and projects come through the generous contribution of members – Donations may be made at http://give.Morrison-Q.com.
  • WEB Site Gallery Items – Submit items to our WEB Site Gallery (wills, death certificates, deeds, war records, photos, etc.).  The items should be in either JPG or PDF file format.  Each file should be named by the subject’s Q-Males Project designation, followed by a space, then a hyphen, then another space, ending with the subject’s name.
    • Example:   J2bb – John Amos Morrison.jpg
  • WEB Site Articles – Submit an article about someone or something relating to your branch of the family.
  • Facebook – Like our Morrison-Q Facebook page and periodically write something on you timeline having to do with Morrison-Q – don’t forget to include our WEB site address.
  • Genealogy Forums – Do you spend time on genealogy forums and discussion boards?  When you come across a person who is apparently part of our family – please let them know about Morrison-Q and our WEB site address.
  • T-Shirt or Pin – When you attend an event – consider wearing a Morrison-Q T-Shirt or Pin.  Perhaps you will connect with a family member who asks about Morrison-Q, and respond by giving them a Morrison-Q business card.  Items can be found on our promotional page.
  • Roles in Morrison-Q – For members who desire and are willing to take on some responsibility within the group – we can work on a role in Morrison-Q that fits your time commitment and talents.
  • Genealogical Research – Learn how to do careful research to work on yet to be completed areas of our family tree.
  • Recruit Younger Generation – Encourage younger members of our family to join Morrison-Q – to learn about our heritage – to help them carry on the legacy.
  • Amazon.com Widget – There is an Amazon widget on the bottom of the right side column of our WEB page. If you do your Amazon purchasing through the widget – our site will receive a small commission with every purchase made. The transaction takes place on Amazon, and the cost of the item will be the same. Our account will show only the commission – not who did the purchasing. Funds will be used to defray the cost of keeping this WEB site running.

Let us know if you are interested in becoming more actively involved in Morrison-Q.  All questions and comments can be submitted through our contacts page.

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