Q-athon 2014

This years campaign is scheduled from September 19th until October 19th.  Funds will go to purchase as many Big Y DNA tests as we are able to buy.  It is hoped there will be enough raised to cover at least two tests – one for the line of Andrew and another for the line of William.

Results as of October 29, 2014

  • 17 members have given online or by check for a total of $900
  • So far, 20% of our membership have participated

A BIG thank you to all who have taken part in our campaign!!

We also have a $200 balance from $400 generously given by a member to help fund four Big Y tests – one for each Immigrant Brother.  $200 has already been used for descendants of James and Thomas.  The remaining $200 is earmarked for two additional tests for descendants of William and Andrew.

 Our Goal for 2014

Our goal for 2014 is to raise enough funds to purchase two Big Y DNA tests.

  • Cost to purchase the 2 tests – $1150
  • Total in Fund (including the matching $200 and a small remaining balance) – $1151
  • Balance of goal still needed – We made our goal – THANK YOU!

We will order the two tests when balance is realized or when Family Tree DNA has another sale – whichever comes first.

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