FAQ – How to Download Raw DNA from Ancestry and Upload to GEDmatch


Download and Upload Your Ancestry.com Raw DNA Data Files – the download and the upload of your raw DNA data file from Ancestry.com to GEDmatch.com is accomplished in two steps.  You will first need to download your DNA data file from ancestry.com to your device.  Then you will need to upload your data from your device to your GEDmatch.com account.

1)  On your main AncestryDNA home page you’ll need to click on the settings button:

2)  Then on the right panel click on “Get Started” under “Download your raw DNA file”.

3)  Ancestry.com will send you an email confirming your download request.  You will need to go to your email, and click on “Confirm Data Download”.  It will take you back to ancestry.com, where you will click on the Download DNA Raw Data button.

:  Mac users are reporting that their data files are getting ‘un-zipped’ as soon as they try to download them from their testing company web site.

This causes problems for the upload utilities at GEDmatch.Com, since it expects to receive files in the same format as provided by the testing company.

In Safari “Preferences/General” the “Open safe files after downloading” at the bottom should be unchecked (the default is checked).

If the box is checked, the file is automatically unzipped and the zip file is moved to the “trash”.

4)  Save the file somewhere on your computer that you can find it. It should save as a zip file.

5)  You should end up with a file in your Downloads folder which can then be uploaded to www.gedmatch.com.  Register for an account with GEDmatch if you do not already have one.

6)   Select the Generic Upload FAST option in Raw DNA File Uploads block.

7)  Fill out the form per instructions.

8)  At the bottom left-hand side of the page, click “Choose File” to find your raw DNA data zip file on your computer.  Once selected, the name of the zip file will appear in that block.

9)  Then on the bottom right-hand side of the page, click “Upload” to send your DNA date to GEDmatch.

10)  It’s IMPORTANT that you wait for all chromosomes to load. It generally takes about 5-10 minutes. It will tell you when it’s finished. Write down the kit number that it assigns to your upload.  Also, please email your kit number to renebryson@gmail.com.

11)  Once you have loaded your data, you will be able to use some features of the site within a couple of minutes. Additional batch processing, which usually takes less than 24 hours, must complete before you can use some additional tools comparing you to everyone in the data pool.

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