Our Morrison family first immigrated to America around 1730 – comprising of four brothers: James, William, Andrew, and Thomas. Almost three centuries later, in 2010, four descendants of those brothers assembled in Lancaster County, PA (see photo below). Residing in four different states across the country, they found each other through a Y-DNA project sponsored by Clan Morrison Society of North America. Providentially, the four descendants represented each of our four original Immigrant Brother lines. That historic gathering was likely the first time in over 250 years where all four branches of our family met together in the land that became our first American Home. The result of that meeting spawned a logo, WEB site, and email discussion group – becoming what we now know as Morrison-Q.

We have seen much growth and progress since that initial meeting. Due to an increased need of our own Bank Account and the desire to preserve our legacy – it was decided to pursue Non-Profit Incorporation. Our only means of collecting funds prior to incorporation were through our project general fund on Family Tree DNA. Creating a Morrison-Q bank account will enable us greater flexibility to buy DNA products from other sources such as YSEQ and Yfull. It also allows us to centrally pay for our WEB site hosting, security and backups through the organization. The more important reason for incorporating is to ensure the legacy of Morrison-Q would be preserved for generations to come. Before we incorporated, the WEB site and records along with passwords and procedures were all maintained through one person. Now that we have a Board of Directors – the responsibility and vision of our organization will be shared and therefore perpetuated to future generations of our family.

Much research and thought was considered on how best to structure our Association. With the intention of keeping things simple and stable – we followed the model of many small non-profits – with a Board of Directors as being the only voting members. We will continue with our two currently recognized classes of associates; members and guests. It is our intent and desire that little will change in the day to day operation – excepting more flexibility in finances and a greater stability to our legacy. What will continue to make Morrison-Q so great and successful are the growing number of family members coming together in common cause and fellowship. As always, we continue to welcome input and involvement from any and all members of our association.

This page will archive all our corporate history.

Our First Meeting in 2010

The Morrison Four

Left to Right: Coit R. Morrison (descended from James), John A. Morrison (descended from Thomas), Jean Morrison (descended from William), James W. Morrison (descended from Andrew).

Corporate Records:

  • Morrison-Q Genealogical Association Inc
  • Our first meeting was in Lancaster County, PA on September 21-24, 2010
  • WEB Page was created in October  2010
  • Articles of Incorporation were filed and approved with the state of South Carolina on September 17, 2015
  • Bylaws were adopted by our Board of Directors at the first semi-annual meeting on October 17, 2015
  • Federal 501 (c) (3) tax exemption status was approved on August 18, 2016
  • Board of Directors
    • Coit R. Morrison (Q1) 2015-Present
    • Rene L. Bryson (Q38) 2015-Present
    • Michael David Morrison (Q63) 2019-Present
    • Michael Morrison (Q9) 2019-Present
    • Bill Rodgers (Q186) 2021-Present
  • Officers
    • President – Coit R. Morrison (Q1) 2015-Present
    • Vice President – Michael David Morrison (Q63) 2019-Present
    • Treasurer – Rene L. Bryson (Q38) 2015-Present
    • Secretary – Michael Morrison (Q9) 2021-Present

Past Directors and Officers