How do I transfer my Big Y results to YFull?

Once you have received your Big Y results from Family Tree DNA, we then request you  submit your raw data to YFull. They are much more helpful in organizing your results in beneficial format and keeping our YTree updated. There are four steps to complete the process.

Note: Family Tree DNA  seems to keep slightly changing their procedure – please let us know if there is a change in the instructions below.

  • Before Step 1 – First you will need to contact Family Tree DNA and let them know you desire to share your BAM file. This preparation will take a week or two.
  • Step 1 – Obtain Raw Data link from Family Tree DNA
    • Go to
    • Enter your Kit Number/Username and Password. There is a link if you have forgotten your password.
    • Under the “Big Y’ section click the “Big Y Results” button
    • Click the blue “Download Raw Data” button
    • Scroll down the pop up window to the bottom – click the green “Share BAM” button
    • Above the green buttons – just below the “You can share your BAM file with others, using the following link:” line – there will be a link in a grey bordered box
    • Click the the link – which will highlight it – then type a Ctrl-C (hold the “Ctrl” button then press the “C”) – this will save the link in your paste buffer for step 2
    • You may now log out of Family Tree DNA
  • Step 2 – Order analysis from YFull
    • Go to
    • Click the red “Order Now!” button
    • Enter following information
      • Your Email Address
      • Your Name
      • Select .BAM file (click radial button)
      • Select FTDNA “Big Y” (click radial button)
      • Select “Link to a sharing file” (click radial button) – URL box will appear
      • Click in the URL box then paste the raw data you copied on Family Tree DNA
        • To paste type a Ctrl-V (hold the “Ctrl” button then press the “V”)
  • Wait for YFull to process your data – they will contact you in several weeks
  • Step 3 – Pay $49 to YFull and receive a username and password for access
    • Follow instructions given by YFull – you will be set up with an account
  • Step 4 – Join the R-DF41/CTS2501 Group on the YFull site (to connect your results to Morrison-Q)
    • Go to
    • Log in with your email address and Password
    • In the left menu under “Others” click the “Groups” link
    • Click the “R-DF41/CTS2501” link
    • In the yellow menu bar click the “Join request” link
    • Check the “I agree..” box then click the “Send” Button

An administrator of the group will soon accept your request. Then we will be able to compare your Big Y results with the rest of Morrison-Q.

Thank you for being a part of our family research!!

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