The purpose of our Discussion group is to keep members connected to each other via Email.  The topics of discussion should be limited to our Morrison Genealogy and anything else that would be of interest to our Morrison family as a whole.

As a member of the Morrison-Q Group (to join) your email address will be added to our Google Discussion Group.  Members of the discussion group may message the entire group by sending an email to Morrison-Q@googlegroups.com.  Each member of the group will receive messages according to their personal preference setting (individual messages, daily digests, or a daily summary).   An archive of all past messages may be viewed by visiting the Discussion Groups WEB page at:

Please Remember – When you reply to a message received from the group it will by default be sent back to the entire group. If you desire to send a reply to just the author of the message, you will need to make the appropriate change in the “send to” field of your reply.

Additional benefits (see below) may be realized on our Google Discussion Group site, but would require the member to establish a Google account (to set up) .  Once set up, you may then use your username (email address) and password to sign into our Google Discussion Group page.  The email address you register on Morrison-Q.com must be the same address you register a Google account for our Google Discussion Group.

Additional access benefits with Google Account:

  • The ability to send and reply to messages from the Google WEB Site
  • Permission to view the past message archive
  • Permission to view the members of the Google list
  • Access to your Google profile settings – such as how you receive the messages
  • Ability to add information to your Google profile

Two Requests regarding posting of messages:

  1. Let’s keep the discussions on topic and civil.
  2. When replying to a post – please shorten the content of the previous post. For example: a member makes several comments taking up a few paragraphs. You want to respond to just one sentence. In replying to the message, please delete all of the previous post except the one sentence you wish to respond to. If we all make a habit of doing this it will help to make the discussion threads easier to read and less cluttered. I am always open to suggestions in how to make this group more profitable.


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