• Who is encouraged to join the Association?
    • Those who have a known connection to our Morrison Family through ancestral line (written or oral) or through DNA testing
    • Those desiring to research a connection to our family
  • What are the benefits of membership?
    • Access (password) to “Members Only” sections of the WEB site
    • Placement on our information mailing list
    • Participate in our Members Only Forum
    • Access to group membership list
    • A resource for the sharing of information and expertise
    • Connection to your extended and ever growing family
  • What are the Classes of Associates?
    • Member
      • Free
      • All benefits as listed above
    • Guest
      • Free
      • An individual who is not kin but is interested in our family for genealogical reasons – All benefits as listed above
  • How do I become an Associate?
    • Send the following information via our INPUT FORM: (click highlighted link)
      • Your full name
      • Your Email address (this will be added to our membership list)
      • Your direct Morrison ancestral line as far back as you have records – including birth years, spouses, and sources. (example:  Me – my father  – my grandfather – my great grandfather – my great great grandfather – etc…)
      • State what connection, if any, you have to the Morrison Y-DNA Group Q
      • If you desire to join this group but have no known connection, send your reasons for wanting to join.

Once your information is received an account will be created for you with your username and password sent via email.  When you sign in you will be taken to your Dashboard Page.  On the left side of the top Menu bar of the page you will find a “” link, selecting the link will take you back to the Home page with your log in privileges.

We restrict the membership process to keep SPAM to the minimum as well as respect privacy.