FAQ – Where can I get additional informational about autosomal DNA?


BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO GENEALOGY is a great website to learn about genetic genealogy.  Kelly Wheaton, the website’s author, does a great job keeping the topic as simple as possible and keeping the website updated.  Check it out at: https://sites.google.com/site/wheatonsurname/beginners-guide-to-genetic-genealogy.

The next website I would recommend is the one established and maintained by the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF GENETIC GENEALOGY at http://www.isogg.org.  Their wealth of knowledge in regards to genealogy is excellent.


There are two blogs that I am subscribed to that are very informative.  The ones I read regularly are:

GENETIC GENEALOGIST by Roberta Estes at http://dna-explained.com.

The second blog is DEB’s DELVING IN by Debbie Parker Wayne at http://debsdelvings.blogspot.com.

Third-party tools

Third-party tools are available to assist you in working out the “bugs” in some of these programs.  Some of the programs can be real time savers.

www.Gedmatch.com – This website allows you to upload your raw DNA and look for DNA matches within their database that includes submissions from all three DNA testing companies.

http://www.dnagedcom.com  – This is a website offering a variety of online tools to assist you in analyzing your DNA.  Go to the website and read about all the different free tools that are available to help you.

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