Morrison – Lancaster County, PA


October 1, 1997

Lancaster County courthouseRecords & Archives Services office

Old Courthouse @ 50 N. Duke StreetArchives Division

Lancaster PA   17602

Source:   Index of Wills –Abstracts – books at Courthouse

1. January 27, 1803 – James Morrison, executor of will of Jacob Carpenter, pg. 185

2. July 6, 1743 – William Morrison, executor of will of Duncan Gray, pg. 320

3. May 19, 1748 – James Morrison, co-executor of will of James Kerr of Paxton Twp.  Pg. 531

4. Sept. 3, 1778 – James Morrison and Sampson Smith, executors of will of William Long of Drumore Twp.  pg. 607

5. Nov. 29., 1730 – Thomas Morrison, executor of will of John Moore of Lebanon Twp.  pg 642

6. June 3, 1746 – Andrew Morrison and John McDowell, executors of will of James McDowell, township omitted, pg. 653

7. May 31, 1748 – Andrew Morrison, executor of will of John McGee of Derry Twp. Pg. 656

8. 1748 (no date) – Thomas D Morrison will, original records lost.

9. July 1, 1756 – Joseph Morrison will – Drumore Twp.  Samuel Morrison and Robert Donald executors; wife: Jean Morrison, children: James and Elizabeth.

10. February 26, 1787 – James Morrison will – Drumore Twp.  Samuel and James Morrison executors – pg. 714. Children:  William, John,  Ann and John Wilson or Nelson,  Elizabeth and John McPortland, James Margaret and James Knox, Margaret and John Howell, Jean and Samuel (second date B – Dec 9, 1789.

11. 1799 – Morrison, Babrial G596 (pg. 729, a note added)

12. June 14, 1790 – Samuel Morrison will of Drumore Township.  Col. James Morrison executor pg. 749.  Brothers:  James and Joseph Morrison.  Nephews: Daniel, Joseph and  Col. James Morrison (sons of Joseph);  James, John, William Morrison (sons of James)  K-299

13. July 14, 1739 – James Morrison and James Harris, executors of will of

14. Alexr. Poor, twp. Omitted

15. December 26, 1746 – James Morrison, executor of will of Joseph Scott, twp. omitted

Compiled by Jean Morrison (Sister of Morrison DNA Project – Number M115)

About Jean Morrison

I have been researching Morrison family history for 30 years, enjoying a lifetime of Cincinnati Reds baseball, UC basketball, and quilting. After a 44 year career in health care administration begun at the hospital where I was born, and completed at the university where I received my degree, I am thankful to have the leisure time to each day choose my activities.
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  1. Marsha Morrison Rose says:

    I finally figured out how to log in, my email with my user name and password went to the “spam” folder and when I opened up the message, there they both were.. great, glad to be a member of this site and talk to others interested in their Morrison roots. According to my research and memory of some older sisters our ancestors came to Tippah County in the early 1900’s from Cherryville, NC area. Others have done a great job of listing some of my family already, however a lot is still unknown about my Great Grandparents, Jane Morrison seems to be the center of all the unknowns, my grandfather’s father is unknown, I’m sure she did not marry at the ripe old age of 13 which would be the case if the census is correct. Her first son was named William Jules Morrison and in referenced to as Jules W. Brown in one case, the record is quite here, but 13, even thou no father is referenced she was way to young to have been thought of as having given birth to an illigitimate child at her age and mental maturity. Hope someone knows the facts here, but mouths stay closed in these cases. By giving the first child the name Brown makes me think the family fought to have her child recognized by the father but for some reason gave up the battle.

    Jane Morrison’s b. 1854 parents were Daniel J. Morrison and Caroline Dellinger, she had several sister’s, the most researched was Temperance Ann that married a Stroup, the also migrated to Tippah County in Mississippi and were friends with the celebrated Laura or Elaura Stroup b. 1849 that married John Morrison b. 1839 and then his brother Alexander Morrison b. 1854, all of Cherryville, NC…

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