Book Reading Schedule – 2016

Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree – This is an excellent book covering both traditional and genetic genealogy. I recently read it again for a second time and thought –  “this would be a fun and profitable exercise to work through as a group!” So, I’m suggesting for those who are interested – to read through this book at the rate of one chapter every other week – and discuss it via our discussion group the following weeks as suggested in the below schedule. If you are like me, you will want to read it at a faster rate, many would have it read in less than a week. I think there would be value in reading it straight though and then reading it a second time as scheduled – insuring it would be fresh for discussion. I have a second reason for wanting to read this book as a group – as participants make comments and ask questions – this will aid us in setting the agenda for our Morrison-Q Gathering in July. So, I especially encourage all members planning to attend to take part in this exercise. Let me know if you have any questions or comments – and please let us know if you are planning to take part in this book read. I have placed a link below to make purchasing the book convienent. For those who want a Kindle version of the book – click the image of the book and you will have the option of choosing a Kindle version over a paperback. Note: Morrison-Q will receive a percentage of the cost of the book if you purchase via the link below.

Jan 24 – Jan 30
Read Chapter 1 – If You’re New to Genealogy
Jan 31 – Feb 6
Discuss Chapter 1
Feb 7 – Feb 13
Read Chapter 2 – Genetic Essentials
Feb 14 – Feb 20
Discuss Chapter 2
Feb 21 – Feb 27
Read Chapter 3 – Male Bonding: Y Chromosome
Feb 28 – Mar 5
Discuss Chapter 3
Mar 6 – Mar 12
Read Chapter 4 – Maternal Legacy: Mitochondrial DNA
Mar 13 – Mar 19
Discuss Chapter 4
Mar 20 – Mar 26
Read Chapter 5 – Around the World: Geographic Origins
Mar 27 – Apr 2
Discuss Chapter 5
Apr 3 – Apr 9
Read Chapter 6 – Next of Kin: Close Relationships
Apr 10 – Apr 16
Discuss Chapter 6
Apr 17 – Apr 23
Read Chapter 7 – Joining or Running a Project
Apr 24 – Apr 30
Discuss Chapter 7
May 1 – May 7
Read Chapter 8 – Finding Prospects
May 8 – May 14
Discuss Chapter 8
May 15 – May 21
Read Chapter 9 – Contacting and Courting Participants
May 22 – May 28
Discuss Chapter 9
May 29 – Jun 4
Read Chapter 10 – Interpreting and Sharing Results
Jun 5 – Jun 11
Discuss Chapter 10
Jun 12 – Jun 18
Read Chapter 11 – What’s Next?
Jun 19 – Jun 25
Discuss Chapter 11
Jun 26 – Jul 2
Read Appendices
Jul 3 – Jul 9
Discuss Appendices

Link (below) to purchase book – click on the image of the book if you want to the option to purchase the Kindle version of the book

Book Link

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