Morrison-Q cousins meet in the west

My sister Susan Morrison Borthwick (Q0109) and I, Constance Morrison Christopher (Q0098) went on a visit to see her son, Grant Borthwick (Q0108) April 18, 2017. We drove about 4000 miles through Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington. We knew we were not in Kansas anymore!

On our way to Redmond, WA to see Grant we went to Portland, OR and say Billie and Sandy Morrison, our ’s first cousin once removed and their daughter, Cydni Morrison Klauss and her son, Mason.

On Saturday, April 22nd we set up to have a lunch and supper with some Morrison cousins. At noon, we meet with Patricia Aileen March Sevier and her husband David A. Sevier of Spokane, WA. This is our 3 rd cousin and her husband. We had a Morrison family reunion in Salina, KS July 2003, and they came out for it. It was fun to see them again.

For supper, we meet with Richard Heinbauigh, (Q0126) our 2nd cousin once removed. That was great also fun. Our Dad had an Aunt Pearl Morrison Heinbaugh, of whom we did not know much. We traveled to Pennsylvania in June 2004 and found her grave and much more information. Rick contacted Morrison-Q and that is how we got together.

Lastly, we got to meet, Margrethe Lakner Morrison, the wife of our 1st cousin once removed in Belleville, WA. She is 92 years old and had never been to Kansas. Her husband Cecil H. Morrison died on January 19, 2017, the same day as our Mother died.

What a great time we had enjoying Grant’s hospitality and Washington’s rainy weather, and beautiful scenery and meeting our wonderful relatives.

Connie Morrison Christopher (Q0109)

Picture # 1 Billie and Sandy Morrison
Picture #2 Patricia and David Sevier
Picture #3 Rick Heinbaugh
Picture #4 Margrethe Morrison


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