My great grandfather and how Cohen got into our line

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About David Jackson Morrison

Born in Gainesville, GA, son of James Cohen Morrison Jr and Ruth Lumsden Morrison, both also born in Gainesville, GA. James' father was born in Casar, NC. His father was William Jackson Morrison who was born in southwestern Burke County, NC near what was then known as Silver Creek. My father's maternal and paternal lines all settled in the area of what is now southwestern Burke County, NC and northern Cleveland County, NC. My mother's paternal family settled in Nacoochee Valley, in northeast GA in the early 1800's, coming from VA. Some of her maternal line came from GA and AL back in the early 1800s and late 1700s. These lines have a lot of German blood in them along with some of the other northern European lines. But no Scandinavian is present as far as I've discovered. Some lines from which I am descended are as follows: From Dad's line it goes back to Peeler, then Whisnant, then Epley, then Duckworth. And on some lines I have Schrumm and Bean. Mom's line goes from Lumsden back to Ashford, to Williams, to Candler.
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